Saturday, May 26, 2012

Memorial Day

John 15:13 "Greater love hath no man than this, than a man lay down his life for his friends."

Time to drop your rucks and relax awhile, we got the next few patrols so you may rest in peace Brothers. From the cold of the Potomac River to the mountains of Afghanistan, and everywhere in between, you will never be forgotten and we will never allow you sacrifice to be downplayed or dismissed. 

Take a moment to pay respect to those that have fallen to allow all of us to have a day off of work.  Without those of our Armed Forces that gave the ultimate sacrifice none of this would happen.  That is the true reason for the day.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What the hell...

Video Here

Watch the video first. 

Each of them, for their own reasons, concluded that the wars they fought in were wrong, and so they marched together today, about four dozen veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, each prepared to return their Global War on Terror medals in symbolic protest. Soldiers like Sgt. Jacob George, who did three tours in Afghanistan.

"I do not feel like the intentions of the overall mission matched my intentions as an individual and most of the people who served," said George. "I am willing to give them back even though it is a very emotional thing for me."

"I was in Iraq in '03 and what I saw there crushed me," said Ash Wilson. "I don't want us to suffer this again, and I don't want our children to suffer this again. So I'm giving these [medals] back."
One by one, 45 veterans spoke of their own anger or pain, and each turned and threw their medals toward McCormick Place. They had asked that the NATO representative formally accept them. That did not happen.

"I'm one of 40,000 people that left the United States Armed Forces because this is a lie," said one veteran.

"I will not continue to trade my humanity for false heroism," said another.
Vincent Emanuele is from a multi-generational military family. Returning his medals, he says, is about sending a message to the world, but is also cathartic.

"For many veterans to deal internally with what it is we have experienced overseas and then to come back and to make amends for ourselves," said Emanuele.

"This medal right here is because I'm sorry - I'm sorry to all of you," said Aaron Hughes. Hughes, who served in Iraq, helped organize what became a moment on an international stage - a moment meant, he says to show disdain toward policymakers and not the men and women still fighting.

"I love all my brothers and sisters that are in Afghanistan still, and I hope they get to come home soon," said Hughes.

And I bet everyone of the 45 or so were the only ones drafted in the last 40 years.  You signed up for a reason and when you were called upon to do your job, not duty since you have no idea of the meaning of the word, you fucking cried and said you never signed up for this.  You were the type of Soldier, Marine, Airman, Sailor, etc that fucked up a unit and you never were able to make it in the military so you got out.  You got out and then fucking cried about it and how horrible it was.  But, you are the first ones standing in a line to get "what they owe you" all while speaking out against everyone of us that were there and did what was asked of us.  I see your type everyday I am around liberals...

Do me a favor, pin the medal to the only copy of your DD214 and toss that over the fence with a note saying you give up all VA benifits and I may think of you as a person again.  Until then you are lower than what I left in the port-a-johns at FOB Warhorse and other locations except, that material was at least good for fertilizer...

As I used to tell my privates, feel free to go and suck start a shotgun since it may listen to your crying...

Another piece of free advise to those that may want to join the military in the future.  You may some day be called upon to do your job in combat.  Do some soul searching before you take an oath and ask yourself one simple question; Can I go to another country and kill someone that my government says is a threat and an enemy.  If you cannot answer that, without any doubt, as a yes then become a politician and try to make a difference, stay out of the military.  The military is not a free ride through college or a good looking uniform that will get you laid.  It is the greatest fucking machine on earth with two purposes.  The first is peace by presence of force, we will fuck you up if you mess with us.  The second is to be the most efficient combat machine in the world when the time comes.  That time is not for anyone in uniform to decide, you also do not get to quit and go home when that time may come.  When you cry about it be prepared for one of us out there to possibly shove that medal up your ass...

Pull your weight...

As a part timer I get the privilege of working with many different full time people from EMTs, EMT-As, and Medics.  I call it a privilege since I get to learn from all, it really helps to round you out as a Medic when you see all the different ways to do everything.  There is a downside though.

Enter into the scene the 20 year, 50 something, career EMT that has no plans to go further or do more.  The one that hates any type of change and thinks that as a 20 year employee they are the one in charge of the truck and responsible for everything.  That one person that feels the young kid can do all the work, all the charts, all the driving unless they are doing patient care.  The, I'm down four charts at 4am 21 hours into a shift that has not involved any sleep for me, I'm not taking that BLS patient because they said their pain was a 7/10 after being woke up.

This is after you checked out the truck, while they slept.  This is after you did all the station chores, while they slept.  This is after you restocked after all runs that you did the patient care and chart on, while they played on the internet or slept.  This is after you gave the truck its evening bath, while they watched TV and went to bed.  This is Had a partner the other day that gave me yet another first since switching from an EMT to a after a whole day of listening to complaining of how the manager is ruining the service.  At least I got three hours of quiet to catch up on charts before the last run they refused to take.  Fast forward 6 days and you get to repeat it all over again...Suggest that they pull their weight a little and you get, "I was pulling my weight before you were born sonny." 

I wonder how you seasoned medics handle someone like this.  I do not like to make waves with people who have been there longer than me, I believe in a little courtesy for seniority, I am a union man in my real life after all.  But, enough is enough, and believe me, WWIII happened for the sonny comment; I pulled my weight in the sands of Iraq while this asshole sucked off of his co-workers tit.  Do not get me wrong no one owes me shit, I will not be disrespected like that by anyone…