Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pull your weight...

As a part timer I get the privilege of working with many different full time people from EMTs, EMT-As, and Medics.  I call it a privilege since I get to learn from all, it really helps to round you out as a Medic when you see all the different ways to do everything.  There is a downside though.

Enter into the scene the 20 year, 50 something, career EMT that has no plans to go further or do more.  The one that hates any type of change and thinks that as a 20 year employee they are the one in charge of the truck and responsible for everything.  That one person that feels the young kid can do all the work, all the charts, all the driving unless they are doing patient care.  The, I'm down four charts at 4am 21 hours into a shift that has not involved any sleep for me, I'm not taking that BLS patient because they said their pain was a 7/10 after being woke up.

This is after you checked out the truck, while they slept.  This is after you did all the station chores, while they slept.  This is after you restocked after all runs that you did the patient care and chart on, while they played on the internet or slept.  This is after you gave the truck its evening bath, while they watched TV and went to bed.  This is Had a partner the other day that gave me yet another first since switching from an EMT to a after a whole day of listening to complaining of how the manager is ruining the service.  At least I got three hours of quiet to catch up on charts before the last run they refused to take.  Fast forward 6 days and you get to repeat it all over again...Suggest that they pull their weight a little and you get, "I was pulling my weight before you were born sonny." 

I wonder how you seasoned medics handle someone like this.  I do not like to make waves with people who have been there longer than me, I believe in a little courtesy for seniority, I am a union man in my real life after all.  But, enough is enough, and believe me, WWIII happened for the sonny comment; I pulled my weight in the sands of Iraq while this asshole sucked off of his co-workers tit.  Do not get me wrong no one owes me shit, I will not be disrespected like that by anyone…

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