Thursday, June 14, 2012

C'mon man, EMS style...

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Low speed accident staged for insurance fraud.  Ambulance arrived and flew two patients that had minor injuries.  Patients became criminals and were arrested for felony insurance fraud.

I was not there but, the Trauma centers found minor injuries so I feel it is safe to assume someone needs some remedial training on assessments and when to fly.  To review here is some data from a study done earlier this year:

Vital Sign changes - 2.8%
Injury only - 4.7%
MOI - 8%
Vitals Sign changes + Injury - 15.4%
Vital Sign changes + MOI - 14.6%
Injury + MOI - 10.6%
Vital Sign changes + Injury + MOI - 50%

Those are the numbers on how accurate each indicator is on predicting major trauma.  If you feel the need to fly based on mechanism maybe you should contact the local National Guard Base and find out the availability of a Chinook or Blackhawk to fly the vehicle instead of your patient.  It would free up both HEMS resources and the local wrecker companies for the real work they need to do...

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